A Local Project. A Local Team. Major Benefits for Our Community

solar panel imageMISF is a local renewable energy project for our community. The lead developer, based in Long Island, has owned the 100-acre plot of land for 25 years. Working with a Long Island based team of engineers and environmental consultants with decades of combined experience on some of the area’s most important energy projects, the MISF team has proposed an optimal use for this property – a forward-thinking, game-changing solar farm that will help local residents live healthier lives, improve air quality, reduce dependence on fossil fuels, cut carbon emissions and provide reliable, affordable electricity for Long Island.

The land is Zoned L1 industrial. As of right, this property could host a massive storage facility or light manufacturing. However, it is our belief that the Town of Brookhaven would be better served with a sustainable, renewable energy project that actually improves the entire community for this generation and many generations to come.

The proposed photovoltaic (PV) solar energy farm project consists of 67,000 panels, capable of generating approximately 19.2 MW of renewable electricity for distribution onto the PSEG Long Island power grid.

The project will help meet Long Island’s growing energy needs while reducing fossil fuel usage; improving public health; creating jobs; and enhancing energy affordability in the region.

Technical Specs

  • Located in Mastic, Suffolk County, LI on 100.3 acres.
  • 67,000 panels to provide 19.2 MW of electricity that will be capable of powering thousands of homes.
  • 24,000 – 34,000 MW hours yearly
  • Developed portion on 68.65 acres.
  • Solar arrays will be approximately 4 ft. above ground at the low end and 13 ft. above ground on high end.
  • 20 ft. wide perimeter roadway around the entire edge of array field as well as 20 ft. wide centerline roadway separating two banks.
  • 200 ft. wide buffer on the west side abutting a residential area. 50 ft. wide buffer area of natural vegetation on the north, east and south sides.
  • The project site is currently fully vegetated composed of a Pitch Pine-Oak woodland with a low growth shrub and sapling tree understory.
  • The site and immediate properties do not contain any water, wetlands, streams or ponds. The nearest water feature is the Forge River – 900 ft. to the east of the SE corner of the site.
  • The proposed project will not involve noise or emissions affecting air quality.


Situated on the south side of Moriches-Middle Island Road to the east of Cranford Boulevard. Access to the site will be from off of Moriches-Middle Island Road. The parcel is approximately 3,900 feet long (north to south axis) by 1000 feet wide (east to west axis), excluding “finger” extensions of the parcel which exist on the west side of the property.