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Solar Energy is Powering the Future of Long Island

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A Spark of an Idea: A Solar-Powered Genesis Story

In 2012, inspired by his growing interest in environmental stewardship, New York City real estate developer and serial entrepreneur Jerry Rosengarten had just finished designing and building a green home for himself and his wife in Southampton, Long Island. It was built utilizing many of the most innovative and effective energy-saving technologies at that time and Jerry was fascinated with both the exploration process and the result. Not long afterward, while on vacation in Southern Italy, he stopped to admire for the first time up-close, a vast solar array almost sculptural in design. Jerry’s curiosity was ignited when he learned about how well this solar farm benefited the local farming community as a clean energy source.

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Clean Energy is Now Flowing

Now, as you read this, the Middle Island Solar Farm is operating at full capacity, and generating 19.6 MW of electricity from the Mastic, Long Island location. To put it on a more relatable scale, 19.6 MW of electricity is equivalent to powering roughly 3800 Long Island homes for a year.

To peruse the in-depth details of the original Environmental Impact Study that was the cornerstone for the Middle Island Solar Farm project, please click the link below.

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A Bounty of Benefits…for Everyone

Creating more solar power capacity for producing unlimited quantities of clean energy is a win-win for everyone – Not only locally, but for everyone on the planet. It’s good news!

And, it’s an investment we can’t afford to not make. Smart private investment created MISF with the aim of helping to encourage and expedite bringing this important technology up to scale.

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Thank you for your support for the clean energy of solar power.